The Lighthouse

We rush around trying to create more space in our life, only to fill our mind so full that even when we have nothing to do our mind remains busy and full.

  • Andy Puddicombe

Before Oscar (our first child) was born, when I still believed relaxing holidays were possible 😉 We booked to spend a week in a cottage on Anglesey. 

He was 4 months old, strapped to me in the baby carrier as we trekked down a steep cliff, over a precarious metal bridge to get to South Stack lighthouse.

One thing that I noticed was that even though it was situated in a most precarious position, when the waves crashed up against the sides, the structure remain steadfast and strong. Continuing to shine its light in all directions.

This is one of the gifts we can give to the world: the ability to stay present and be a witness in all directions.

  • Gil Fronsdal