The recognition that never came

It was the final farewell. I had put absolutely everything into that role. Laid myself out on the line.

 Deadlines causing me to stay up so late I went dizzy.
 Phone calls I took during baby sensory classes that made me cry.
 A flight with the worst case of tonsillitis in my life.

I guess I was expecting more than, “thank you, you really helped us out there.”

That’s when I realised, all those actions hadn’t been required or asked of me. They were all based on me seeking recognition and approval.

I wasted 7 years 6 months of my life seeking approval. When it didn’t come, I woke up.

No longer would I put my own health and emotional state on the line for my career and certainly not for approval from others.

You are the asset of your career. Not your laptop. Not your unique skills. YOU.

Where do you feature in your calendar? Are you an afterthought?

Start treating yourself like the major asset that you are. You come first in your calendar before anything else gets booked in.

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