The Three Spheres

This months focus on Inspired Women’s Lead has been all about harmony.

As a coach, I’ve spent a lot of time crafting work-life balance, so I thought that I had it sorted.

How wrong could I be?

All week I have been tracking my activities and categorising them as professional life, family life or self-time.

I analysed the numbers and I was astonished.

99hrs on family life

40hrs on professional life

7.5hrs on self-time

I think seeing the numbers in black and white really hit home for me.

This was a good week.

A really good week.

I had planned my ‘self’ activities in advance: drinks with the girls, a 2hr yin yoga workshop, running, weights, meditation and even reflexology.

I felt so full of energy because of that time I had dedicated to this self-sphere and it only needed to be a fraction of the family or professional time to have a profound effect.

The key was that it was focused, protected and crucially planned in advance.

Another key realisation was that 6am until 9:30pm is a very long day. Instead of having a block of time for myself at the start or end of the day I also need multiple top up ‘s throughout the day.

This may seem like a waste of time at first glance.

I need to get on with ‘doing things’.

But I know that, even 10-15 minutes twice a day will help me manage my energy strategically.

For me, what is hardest of all is to be still and not do anything at all.

Yet this is what I need the most.

What do you need to be just okay?

How are you getting it?