The Wrong Way Round

Some of my most life-changing insights have come from the realisation that I had things all backwards. Here are three examples of how a simple reframe can create a different result.
It won’t work for me
Nope. Backwards. It definitely won’t work for you if you take no action at all. Only once you try something wholeheartedly will you know for sure if it works for you.
I need energy to go and exercise
Wrong again. It’s the act of exercising that generates energy. In fact, exercising in the morning not only spikes your energy but also lifts your mood for 12 hours. So, if you are feeling down mentally or physically, take that as a prompt to get out in nature (if you can) and move your body. Simply picking a song and having a good dance can change everything.
I need to motivate myself into action
Backwards. Yet again. It’s taking action which builds motivation. And as your momentum grows your motivation will increase.
Still struggling to start?
Try using the phrase “I choose to start for just 5 minutes” to get the ball rolling. Another personal favourite of mine is to come back to the big why. Why is this important to you? What is it all for?
So, if you are feeling stuck or resistant to the very thing you want to do, try flipping the scrip to get yourself started.
I am still on a massive high after delivering the keynote speech at the IST Conference this week. It’s not every day you get introduced by Helen Sharman OBE the first British astronaut in space. If you have a team or audience that I could help inspire and motivate, then please get in touch by replying to this message.

Keep opening up,


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