When did it get so serious?

When did it get so serious?

I don’t mean the pandemic. That’s serious in its own unique right. I’m talking about way back. Way back when we could still do anything and everything and we didn’t take advantage of it.

In my case work, family, exercise, Netflix, repeat. Where did all the fun go?

The thing about Superwoman is, she saps the joy out of everything.

“If you put your whole self into work and care about the outcomes but you’re not having much fun. That’s Superwoman at work.”

– Hannah Roberts (look at me quoting myself 😉)

When you have to be in control everything to move forwards, the choice between getting prepared for the next working day: children’s bags, clothes, washing up etc takes priority above seeing friends and having fun.

I remember saying to myself. “I can’t possibly go to book club/wine club tonight. It will take me until 9pm to get everything ready for tomorrow and then I’ll be woken up at 5:30am by a toddler.

It can feel like we don’t have a choice…but we do.

Anytime we say to ourselves I would like to do [insert what you want to do] BUT X. The thing that comes after the BUT is the limiting belief.

One I’ve caught myself saying A LOT is “I would like to do X BUT I don’t have the time. I’ve got 3 children, a business etc etc.

My coach called me out on it. She said that everyone has 24 hours in a day. When I really got the significance of that. World leaders like Jacinda Arden have 24 hours in a day and look at what she is doing. I realise that “I’ve not got the time” is a convenient statement.

The truth is I’m prioritising something else above the things I want to do. What I’m saying is “it’s not a priority for me”.

Now here comes the interesting part. Is that Superwoman in charge of my calendar or me?

Find out next time…