When did you get so busy?

A few weeks ago, I talked about being bullied aged 13 at swim club. After it all came into the light, I moved from my local swim club to a big city squad. A switch from training 4 times a week to 7 plus gym work. This was the big shift that switched me into ‘busy’ mode. The harder I worked, the more I trained, the better my results.

Working longer and harder became my success pathway. If I followed those rules, I was less likely to get a bad result or fail.

When I started University, I didn’t have the same motivation to continue that level of training but I did join the University team. We trained 3-4 times a week and partied the rest of the time. Strangely, I got faster!

Although I have one piece of evidence to suggest doing less, having more balance and being strategic can get equal if not better results, it feels illogical because of my conditioning. I have so many more examples of using busyness!

Understanding where your busyness comes from is a great foundation for choosing a new success pathway for yourself.

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