When Superwoman Meditates

Two weeks ago, I asked the question “was Superwoman in charge of my calendar or me?”

Have you ever scheduled in a time to meditate [or insert something that you really want to do here] and when it gets to that time you either override it with something ‘more important’


you do it, but in Superwoman mode?

When Superwoman meditates, she sits there, a million and one things rushing through her mind.

  • Massive list of things to do.
  • Rant about someone who is frustrating or hurtful.
  • Remembering something for the shopping list.
  • Oh, I forgot to send the £30 to that person!


Meditation is over.

Oh right, jumps up and immediately hits the ground running again.

If that’s you, don’t worry. It’s so easy to slip into Superwoman. We all do it from time to time.
Superwoman is fine for 15 minutes in an emergency but many of us are living in her for weeks, months, even years (in my case).

If you resonate with Superwoman, she is driven by fear. Ask yourself what is driving you to control everything, not take a break, work evenings and weekends?

Fear can look different to everyone.

  • Will you lose your job?
  • Are you good enough?
  • Do you know enough?
  • People are out to get you.
  • People will judge and criticise you.
  • Must be the best.

Take a moment to reflect and hit reply. I would love to hear in your own words what fear drives your Superwoman?

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