Who do you need to be in the room?

What would you say if I asked you this question.

Who do you need to be in the room?

I have my default setting, when I go into a room (physical or virtual) I need to be the best and be liked by the person who I decide is hierarchically my superior. Then I can feel safe and comfortable.

It’s not a statement that I enjoy sharing about myself. The real kicker here is that as a result of operating in this way, those people sharing a room with me become my competition rather than my colleagues, friends and collaborators. I miss out on all the learning and gifts that those interactions will bring.

That’s not the way I view the rooms I walk into anymore. Now I ask myself, “how can I be helpful or of service to others?” It takes the focus away from myself and if I can add my unique value and help someone else, I certainly will do.

We create a meaning about a situation based on the beliefs that we hold about ourselves. If I believe that I am not enough, I take actions to help me feel more secure. If I hold the belief that I am enough then I can approach the same situation very differently.

That’s the difference, so simple.

If you don’t like how you are showing up in the room, change it.

What belief do you need to let go of today that would help you show up differently?

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