Your cup of recognition…

This week I have been reflecting on just how much joy and satisfaction I gain from my work. I even left a voice note for my bestie on Friday telling her that I was proud of myself. I realised; I was filling up my own cup! ☕

I share the analogy of the cup in my book, Intentional Careers for STEM Women.

“It’s as if you are a cup, and recognition and approval are the beverage of your choice. If your cup isn’t full, you exercise specific behaviours to fill it up. The other problem might be holes in your cup. Those holes are your limiting beliefs about your­self, and your emotional allergies. We will talk more about these in Part Two. As someone is trying to fill your cup with approval and recognition, it’s spilling out all over the place. We want to mend as many of the holes as we can and reduce the size of any holes we can’t fix, so as much liquid stays in the cup as possible. If we also learn how to fill our own cup, we are no longer reliant on others. Our behaviours start to change, and any outsider additions are a welcome bonus.”

💪 Given I’ve filled my own cup, as a stretch outside of my comfort zone, I will share with you some of the external recognition from my week and strengthen the muscle of self-promotion (which we address in month 5 of the Career Design Mastermind).

Receiving an interim email from one of my 1:1 clients.

Without your help my presentation would have been a car crash (internally). I know there’s things I could improve but I’m not embarrassed or ashamed which is how I would have felt previously. I’m excited to have another opportunity to improve further.”

I delivered ‘The Psychology of Selves: Beyond Imposter Syndrome’ to a group at The University of Leicester. When I asked them how they were feeling as they started the workshop, there was a unanimous verdict of, “tired.” At the end of the session, I captured their keywords:

  • Motivated
  • Inspired
  • At peace
  • Empowered
  • Positive
  • Energised

My Career Design Mastermind members have also been sharing their wins following three weeks of focusing on layer number 1 of the Career Pivots® Compass, Time & Energy Management.

  • An insight that the wealth pilar of life had been neglected and taking action to review pensions
  • Consistently doing a morning routine for a week.
  • Removing social media from smart phone to minimise distractions and become more focused
  • Weekly planning process enabling tasks which have been neglected for months and years to be actioned within a week.
  • Regaining guilt-free self-care time
  • Not working outside regular hours and having that boundary for the first time in years.

➡️ My invitation to you is to hit reply and share one thing that you are proud of yourself for this week. I would love the opportunity to celebrate you.

Keep Opening Up,


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