Black Friday fighting over Nutella

I don’t know about you but I’m fed up with Black Friday, which now seems to last for a whole week. I even heard that Pink Friday is the latest thing 🤷.

For me, it creates visions of people getting crushed to reach discounted TV’s.

Early this year, I remember a Twitter outcry as people were “fighting like animals” over cut-price Nutella. Well, I do love a good Nutella pancake 😉.

What annoys me the most, is that now I question the true value of everything. The kids made some Christmas suggestions a few weeks ago and I’ve been tracking the price of the toys. The big boxes of Lego have reduced from £89.99 to £44. It leaves me questioning if the prices were inflated on purpose so that they could be discounted.

It doesn’t feel like the bargain it should. I feel ripped off.

So, there’s no Black Friday coaching offer from me. No discounted sales.

A simple promise.

My coaching prices will remain the same and will not be reviewed until May 2020.

The prices reflect the value that is given and the huge changes that happen for my clients during and after the coaching process.

For me it’s all about integrity.

Doesn’t that feel different?