Inspiring Stories 021 – Dr Verena Wolfram – CLIENT STORY

Inspiring Stories 021 – Dr Verena Wolfram

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Sometimes the hardest thing to do is hold up a mirror to yourself and really address the root cause of the issues you are facing. It takes huge amount of bravery. In today’s episode I talk to the incredible Dr Verena Wolfram, Senior Medical Affairs Manager in Scientific Engagement at Pfizer.

Verena talks about her coaching journey and how she needed to process the grief of not being able to have biological children and the grief she felt in letting go of her academic identity before being able to take next steps in her career.

She takes us through the conscious and then intentional decisions she made in her career as a result of understanding her values and natural talents.

Verena also talks about the importance of finding a coach you can feel safe with in order for the work to be effective.

I can’t wait for you to hear her story in her own words.


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