Inspiring Stories 032 – Dr Lucy Woods – CLIENT STORY

Inspiring Stories 032 – Dr Lucy Woods – Client Story

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Today on the Women in STEM Career & Confidence podcast, I interview one of my clients, Dr Lucy Woods. She joins us from Singapore where she recently started a new role at Bruker as the Commercial Director of APAC.

Lucy has always been very intentional in her career design. Even at A-Levels she had the forethought to pick complimentary subjects to science, rather than a full grouping of the sciences (like me).  Completing her PhD was a strategic decision to progress her industrial, rather than academic career. However, being intentional in our careers, doesn’t always mean that everything works out smoothly.

During this episode Lucy talks about:

  • The importance of learning self-awareness as a way to restore confidence, after being unsuccessful in an internal promotion.
  • Using your career values to actively make choices in your career. In Lucy’s case some interesting decisions about following her value for adventure.
  • She also highlights, how understanding her natural talents aided her to build a complimentary team.
  • And that we are not alone in our careers. We benefit from a wide range of support including coaches, managers, colleagues, friends and family.


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